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Ask any parent, and they’ll tell you – seeing their child struggle with the fear and discomfort of taking their essential medication is as heart-breaking as it is frustrating.

Most children, at some stage or other, find swallowing oral medication a real trial. The act goes against every natural urge. No wonder little ones find it so difficult – children have the strongest gag reflex of all. When we’re young, it’s hard to understand that the pills that are causing so much distress are actually designed to do us good.

All in all, it makes for a miserable time. For children, and for parents.

But help is at hand.

Gloup is the first purpose-designed lubricant that aims to put an end to the misery. Safe, smooth, pleasantly flavoured and as simple to swallow as a spoonful of ice cream, it makes taking tablets childsplay.

Faced with the tantrums and tears, many parents have resorted to grinding up pills into jam, crushing it into banana, or taking it squished into a sweet – but all of these methods risk lessening the effectiveness of the medication.

Gloup’s revolutionary delivery system ensures all of the medication gets to work quickly – no bribes required!


Why choose Gloup®?

Gloup is a totally safe, pleasant-tasting gel that children will love. More importantly, it helps make even larger tablets easier to swallow for little throats. Even children who are fussy eaters, or who gag frequently, will find the formula simplicity itself to swallow.

  • Gloup is simple
    Gloup’s solution is simplicity itself. A lightweight, smooth gel, it allows tablets to be swallowed as easily as a spoonful of yoghurt, or a sip of soup. It simply covers the tablet on the spoon, to allow for its safe transportation - so it can get to work in the way it was designed to.
  • Gloup is safe
    Gloup has no known interactions with medication, is made of 100% natural ingredients all certified ‘food grade’, and biodegrades harmlessly in the stomach. Gloup does not contain gluten or lactose.
  • Gloup is stress-free
    Gloup is designed to address the stress and discomfort so many of us face when suffering from a fear of taking oral medicines, or living with a condition that physically makes swallowing difficult: such as Parkinson's, dysphagia or following a stroke.

Who can use Gloup®?

Gloup is ideal for children who find taking oral medication a real struggle. Children's throats are all differently sized - and some tablets cause real issues. Anxiety can also tense their throat muscles, making swallowing more tricky. Gloup's slippery texture is accepted far more easily than a hard pill.

  • People with learning difficulties can often have difficulty following instructions on how to take their medicines. Often, those with a physical disability such as cerebral palsy find swallowing difficult too.
  • Swallowing problems are very common after a stroke. Almost half of people who have a stroke will have some difficulties in the first few months.
  • Stress or anxiety may cause some people to feel tightness in the throat. This condition, known as globus sensation, can make swallowing more difficult.
  • Dementia can cause some particularly challenging issues around swallowing and chewing, and can make it difficult to take oral medication.
  • Some cancers, such as mouth, oesophageal and stomach cancer can cause problems with swallowing.
  • When we get older, our mouths produce less saliva - the body’s natural ‘lubricant’ to aid swallowing - which makes taking oral medications much more of a trial.
  • Many of us just have an inbuilt fear of swallowing medication (a condition that affects an estimated one in three of us at one time or another).


If you're using Gloup for the first time, we recommend you simply try some of the gel on its own, from a spoon. Once you’re familiar with the feel, taste and texture of the gel, and can swallow it comfortably, you’re good to go!

Start with a single tablet and dispense around 5ml of the gel (about a teaspoon’s amount), or enough to fully cover your tablet. Don’t worry if you need more, or prefer to use a bigger spoon. The amount of gel can be increased or reduced without affecting your medication. Simply swallow your spoonful of Gloup and medication in one easy mouthful.

Place the tablet on the spoon
Apply approximately 5ml of gel onto the spoon, covering the tablet.
Place the spoon in the mouth swallow everything in one go.

See our testimonials below for feedback on how Gloup is helping people take medication.

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