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What is Gloup®?

A simple solution if you struggle with taking tablets.

Swallowing tablets can be difficult for many reasons, and at any time of life. It’s a common problem –
with three in ten of us finding taking oral medicines to be a real ordeal.

If this is something you struggle with, help is at hand. Gloup has been carefully designed to offer a simple, safe and effective solution.


Why use lubrication?

When we have trouble swallowing tablets the obvious solution can be to break them up, chew them before swallowing, or remove their capsule coating and either tip the contents into your mouth or mix them with food.

The problem is that tablets are designed the way they are for a reason. That’s the most effective way for them to deliver their active ingredients. So if we alter that, we’re altering how they get to work.

Small changes like crushing or chewing can have a big impact. In many cases, it can lead to a significant reduction in the efficacy of our medication. In some, it can slowing down or speed up the rate at which it’s absorbed into our body.

In short, if we’re to fully benefit from their active ingredients, we have to swallow the pill.


Is Gloup for me?

If you’re finding your medication difficult to swallow, it could be because of a number of reasons. If you’re unsure, we always recommend you speak to your medical professional. But it could be the reason is one of the following. And, if so, Gloup could help.

  • Fears and phobias
    It’s not surprising that many of us simply can’t overcome the fear of swallowing tablets. From an evolutionary point of view, we’re not designed to swallow solid objects. That’s why we have a gag reflex, to protect foreign objects from entering our airways.
  • Parkinsons
    Difficulties in swallowing medication can arise from the effects of medical conditions like Parkinson’s, when the muscles involved in swallowing are compromised. Some people with the condition also are unable to produce the saliva that aids in swallowing too.
  • Other medical conditions
    Conditions such as stroke, cancer and multiple sclerosis can reduce the ability to swallow normally or can increase the amount of medication required on a daily basis.
  • Children
    When children move from liquid to solid dose medication it can be a very daunting and stressful time. Children can develop a fear of choking which will put them off taking medication causing a difficult struggle for the parent. In some cases, the taste of the medication will be off-putting too.
  • The elderly
    Ageing can affect our ability to swallow. From missing teeth or shifting tooth positions to general loss of muscle strength and dry mouth, dysphagia (the medical term for the phenomena) swallowing function can deteriorate with age.

How Gloup® can help

Gloup is a smooth, easy-to-swallow gel that makes swallowing a much more natural, and comfortable experience. Its slippery texture acts as a lubricant, easing the transport of the medication, and allowing it to get to work faster.

  • Helps to moisten the mouth and throat
  • Masks the flavour of medicines
  • Lessens the sensation of a tablet entering the mouth and throat
  • Allows for multiple tablets to be taken in one go (if approved by GP)
  • Keeps medications in their intended form
  • Smooth texture enables easy transportation of the medication
  • Allows medication to get to work as intended
  • Has no known interactions with medication


If you're using Gloup for the first time, we recommend you simply try some of the gel on its own, from a spoon. Once you’re familiar with the feel, taste and texture of the gel, and can swallow it comfortably, you’re good to go!

Start with a single tablet and dispense around 5ml of the gel (about a teaspoon’s amount), or enough to fully cover your tablet. Don’t worry if you need more, or prefer to use a bigger spoon. The amount of gel can be increased or reduced without affecting your medication. Simply swallow your spoonful of Gloup and medication in one easy mouthful.

Place the tablet on the spoon
Apply approximately 5ml of gel onto the spoon, covering the tablet.
Place the spoon in the mouth swallow everything in one go.

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