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Why you struggle taking tablets

Struggle to swallow medication, pills in hand.

We posted recently on Facebook about Gloup and how it can help you swallow tablets and a person commented that ‘this is a joke right’? It highlights beautifully how we take the simplest, everyday actions such as swallowing for granted until it gets taken away from us either physically or mentally.

There are many people who for a variety of reasons struggle to swallow medication and we are here to spread the word that it’s more common than people think, and just because people might not understand or think you are just being fussy or making it up, please do speak to your GP or pharmacist, there are solutions to help.


Problems swallowing pills can be due to:

  • fear of choking – this can make your throat tense and narrow when you try to swallow
  • a dry mouth
  • general swallowing difficulties (dysphagia) – for example, due to a condition such as a stroke


You might struggle to swallow tablets at any age!

Struggling to swallow tablets can affect any age, from children to elderly people. And remember you don’t have to have anything ‘wrong’ with you to having difficulties in swallowing pills, sometimes it can be a very strong gag reflex.

Children – there is no set age when children can swallow medications, many children start with liquid medications but find it hard to make the transition to solid medications, it could go well into the teenage years.

Elderly – as we age, we naturally produce less saliva which can cause dry mouth, this alone can make swallowing medications difficult.

Stroke – after having a stroke, many people have swallowing difficulties at least for the first few months.

“ In the early stages of stroke, nearly 80% of patients will have some sort of swallowing problem”

Source: https://www.rosemontpharma.com/patients/swallowing-difficulties

Other conditions – such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Cancer treatments, Diabetes and Motor Neurone disease can all affect how a person swallows.


Gloup offers a safe solution for anyone struggling taking medication, we are here if you need to ask us any questions.

While Gloup might not help everyone is certainly worth having a try! If you would like a free sample, drop us a message and we will get one posted out to you!