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Why would you, your loved one or someone that you are caring for use Gloup?

Using Gloup on a regular, or occasional basis has numerous benefits. These benefits include:

Saving time

By coating your medication, or that of the person that you are caring for with Gloup, you will save time on a regular basis, especially if the act of taking the medication without the aid of Gloup is particularly distressing.

Saving money

You may save money as an individual if you are using Gloup to take your vitamin supplements, this is due to the increased likelihood of you finishing the course of vitamins, as opposed to abandoning the course due to the difficulty of taking them. Alternatively, if you are a care professional and own or manage the budget for the care facility, you will save money in staff resources, wasted medication and review protocol by improving the experience of your patient when they are taking their medication.

Reducing anxiety

This benefit is right at the top of our wish-list here at Gloup and is the benefit that we feel holds the most value to those impacted by Dysphagia; whether a patient or carer. This isn’t a ‘one-size-fits-all when it comes to dealing with patients, or your loved ones, but thankfully, Gloup provides a compromise for anyone looking for support.

Providing comfort

There is no greater feeling than providing comfort to an individual that you are caring for. Gloup is a purpose designed product, designed with the purpose of aiding those who suffer with Dysphagia to swallow medication or vitamin supplements. By creating a stress-free process and environment for administering these tablets (especially on a regular basis) you will be improving the outlook and experience of the person you are looking after beyond imagination.

Creating reliability and routine

For some people use who take medication on a regular basis, providing a routine is vital. For example, for Autistic people the need for routine and predictability is preferred and will help to minimise negative anticipation and distress around taking medication. The question really, is why wouldn’t somebody use Gloup?