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Gloup the first purpose designed medication lubricant

What is Gloup? You may not have heard of this product before.

You could be stumbling upon this information as a result of a recommendation, referral or even a link that you may have followed via social media. How did you hear about Gloup?

So, let us shed some light on what Gloup is and how it may benefit you, your loved one, somebody you care for, or your business.

What is Gloup?

Gloup is a purpose-designed medication lubricant that is ideal for people who struggle to take their medication or vitamins. It comes in a variety of formats for ease of use and can be used on a daily basis if required.

What is it used for?

Gloup is used to aid the process of swallowing tablets, specifically for people with Dysphagia; this is a condition that makes swallowing difficult or uncomfortable. The idea behind Gloup is a really simple one – by providing a lubricant to the mouth whilst simultaneously taking the medication from a spoon, Dysphagia sufferers are able to swallow their required dose with ease, up to several times per day.

Who uses Gloup?

Gloup can be used by children and adults up to Grandparent and Great Grandparent age. It is currently used by people who struggle to swallow tablets, vitamins or medication, either on a regular or occasional basis. Gloup is the solution of choice for many care professionals and care homes who look after individuals with swallowing difficulties.

How could I, or someone that I care for benefit from using Gloup?

Gloup is designed to remove the discomfort and anxiety around swallowing for those who take medication on a regular or occasional basis. Dysphagia; the condition in question, renders swallowing difficult, and sometimes upsetting or distressing to the person in question.

Where can I buy Gloup from?

You can purchase Gloup online at www.gloup.shop or alternatively ask for Gloup at your local pharmacy or Doctors surgery.

Can I get Gloup on prescription from my doctors? Gloup is currently progressing through an approval process for Prescription. If you would like your doctor to be able to prescribe Gloup to you (especially if you would like to use it on a regular basis), feel free to ask your Doctor to source it for you.