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How to use gloup for swallowing tablets

It really is simple to use Gloup and it could revolutionise how you or your loved ones take medication.

To use:

Place required medication on a spoon. This could be one or a collection of tablets (please follow Pharmacists instructions when combining medication)

Pour Gloup on top of medication and ensure that the medication is fully and evenly covered with Gloup.

Put contents into mouth


Gloup will aid the tablets or supplements to glide down the throat of the person using it.

That is it!

It really is that simple and will revolutionise the way that you or those that you care for take medication. If you are in any doubt or would like further information, feel free to click on our ‘contact us’ page or speak to your Doctor or Pharmacist for further advice. Full details and instructions on how to use Gloup and whom it may be suitable for are included in each package of Gloup and Gloup Zero.