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Gloup and helping people to swallow

There are many opinions when it comes to Dysphagia, but how can you distinguish between fact and opinion? Here are some key facts for you to learn:

Dysphagia can affect anyone at any age. From a very early age, to the end of our lifetime, Dysphagia may come and go into our life experience, as a result of outside factors. Gloup provides a solution to this to ease discomfort and distress when taking tablets or supplements.

Dysphagia can be seemingly temporary or permanent. Depending upon the cause of Dysphagia and often the life-stage of the individual in question, Dysphagia may be a temporary condition (for example when recovering from surgery) or permanent (for example when suffering from Alzheimer’s or Dementia)

Dysphagia is not ‘only psychological’. It can manifest itself in both physical and mental symptoms, but Dysphagia is a real condition that creates frustration for many and must be taken seriously as such.

Some people may claim that the struggle to swallow tablets or other forms of medication is ‘all in the mind’. This is simply not true. There may be many reasons why someone has difficulty swallowing; these could include physical causes such as:

  • Large tonsils
  • Cleft lip or cleft palate
  • Dental problems

Plus many, many more.

Gloup is as safe as water. It can be used in conjunction with medication to provide fuss-free administration of tablets or supplements to children and adults alike. It doesn’t interfere or react with medication and can be stored and used for up to 60 days.

In our Gloup Zero range, there is no added sugar, allowing individuals who are conscious of their calorie intake, to take medication or supplements with ease. You can find the full list of ingredients of each of our products here <click to link> Dysphagia can be distressing for loved ones or carers as well as those suffering from the condition itself. Take a further look at the additional information about Dysphagia and Gloup on our website, to truly discover how you can reduce the impact of this distress.