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Children suffering from swallowing medication

Children experiencing Dysphagia can find the condition particularly distressing. This is also the case for their parents and/or carers. In some cases, their developing communication skills can heighten the sense of anxiety. For others, who have less developed communication skills, Dysphagia can create prolonged and seemingly unmanageable difficulties on a daily basis. Parents in particular can be affected by this difficulty and it can have resulting consequences on the contentment and harmony felt at home and within the parent-child relationship.

As a parent, carer or care professional, it is natural for you to want to ease the concerns of those you are looking after. Gloup provides a tool to help you do this. Gloup is especially beneficial to children taking medication who may experience any of the following:

Learning difficulties

A child with learning difficulties may find it difficult to comprehend, explain or express how they feel about taking medication or supplements if they suffer with Dysphagia. As these difficulties may be coupled with a range of the physical symptoms of Dysphagia, such as gagging, choking, drooling and vomiting, administering medication on a daily basis, or even more frequently can be difficult for the parent or carer.

Special needs

Physical or otherwise, special needs in children may require additional support when providing medication, especially on a regular basis.


Children with Autism may have verbal skills, or they may be non-verbal. They may be overwhelmed by tasks or activities that others find straightforward. Individuals with Autism may also crave routine and structure and this can include the method in which medication is administered.


Children with Dyspraxia may experience and feel the need for additional support when taking their regular medication. By combining tablets with Gloup, you will be offering the child a safe, effective and reliable method of taking their medication, with minimal fuss and interruption to their day. Leaving you both free to enjoy the important things in life.

Nutritional needs not being met

In general, Dysphagia impacts the nutritional needs of children if they are unable to consume food effectively. Additionally, as a result of this, if the child is taking supplements as a response, the child may not benefit wholly from the supplements if they fail to take them on a regular basis. This can be due to Dysphagia making it difficult to swallow supplements effectively.

Failure to thrive

As a general result of a child’s diet not meeting their nutritional needs, they may experience a ‘failure to thrive’ and their symptoms will be escalated further.

Difficulty sleeping and nightmares

If a child suffers from trauma or anxiety when attempting to swallow tablets or supplements, these concerns may well manifest themselves in their memory and provide the basis of nightmares. In general, nightmares are a concern for parents and have the potential for disturbing the sleep patterns of children. By attending to the root cause of the anxiety and improving the experience for children of taking medication, the opportunity for nightmares regarding this activity should be minimised. All of the difficulties listed above can be alleviated, to a certain extent by using Gloup when administering tablets and/or supplements. Feel free to contact us if you would like further information.