Start swallowing medication with ease!

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Are you the type of person who struggles taking tablets and other solid dose medication?

Gloup has been specifically designed to help people who find taking their medication a real struggle.

What is Gloup?

Gloup is made from all natural ingredients, it has been formulated into a slippery gel that works with all solid form medication.

Its formulation is as close to water as possible to make sure it does not interfere with any of the medications you are taking.

Gloup makes tablets, capsules and vitamins easier to swallow for everyone.

  • Gloup Is Safe

    Gloup has no known interactions with medication, is made of 100% natural ingredients all certified ‘food grade’, and biodegrades harmlessly in the stomach. Gloup does not contain gluten or lactose.

  • Gloup Zero - Sugar Free

    We are delighted to have added a sugar free version of Gloup to our range.

  • Gloup Forte

    Gloup Forte is thicker in consistency for those with more acute swallowing problems – The gel is suitable for people requiring a level 4 product on the IDDSI scale.

Made from all natural ingredients, formulated into a slippery gel that works with solid form medication.

  • Gloup Comes In A Variety Of Flavours

    Currently Gloup is available in 3 flavours, Strawberry & Banana, Vanilla and Raspberry.

  • Mask the flavour of medication

    Gloup’s pleasant flavour masks the taste of medicines and will helps to moisten the mouth and throat.

  • Gloup is Stress Free

    Gloup is designed to address the stress and discomfort so many of us face when suffering from a fear of taking oral medicines, or living with a condition that physically makes swallowing difficult: such as Parkinson’s, dysphagia or following a stroke.

How Do You Use Gloup?

Gloup works by acting as lubricant between the mouth and the medication.  Its jelly like texture allows the medication to stay within it while the swallowing action is performed.

The flavour in the mouth is that of the gel which is far more pleasant than the medication itself.  This stops people being put off by the unpleasant tastes of certain powder coated tablets.

The slippery texture of the gel allows medication to be swallowed easily from a spoon, once moving down the throat, gravity will move the gel into the stomach which greatly reduces the unpleasant feeling of having medication stuck in the back of the throat.

Once in the stomach it dissolves almost instantly allowing the medication to be absorbed naturally at the intended rate.

Who Would Use Gloup?

Many people of all ages have a real struggle when it comes to taking solid dose medications, whether that be tablets, pill or capsules.  Making sure we take our medication as effectively as possible is very important to how the medicine will perform inside our body.

    • Fears and Phobias - It's not surprising that many of us simply can’t overcome the fear of swallowing tablets. From an evolutionary point of view, we’re not designed to swallow solid objects. That’s why we have a gag reflex, to protect foreign objects from entering our airways.
    • Parkinsons - Difficulties in swallowing medication can arise from the effects of medical conditions like Parkinson’s, when the muscles involved in swallowing are compromised. Some people with the condition also are unable to produce the saliva that aids in swallowing too.
    • Other medical conditions - Conditions such as stroke, cancer and multiple sclerosis can reduce the ability to swallow normally or can increase the amount of medication required on a daily basis.
    • Children - When children move from liquid to solid dose medication it can be a very daunting and stressful time. Children can develop a fear of choking which will put them off taking medication causing a difficult struggle for the parent. In some cases, the taste of the medication will be off-putting too.
    • The Elderly - Ageing can affect our ability to swallow. From missing teeth or shifting tooth positions to general loss of muscle strength and dry mouth, dysphagia (the medical term for the phenomena) swallowing function can deteriorate with age.

    Free from Gluten, Gelatine & Allergens

    Gloup is suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans, free from gluten.

    Gloup Zero is sugar free and uses Xylitol as the sweetening agent.

    See our testimonials below for feedback on how Gloup is helping people take medication

    Made All The Difference! Made All The Difference! , Heritage Healthcare Gloucester

    I just wanted to let you know what a difference it has made to a 94 year old client of ours.

    She struggles with her daily tablets following a stroke a few years ago and often ends up coughing and spluttering.  She started trying Gloup a week ago and “thinks it’s wonderful” I asked her what a difference it had made and she said “all the difference, I used to feel them stuck at the back of my throat and was worried I would choke, now they just go down”

    I will also have no hesitation to suggest it to any others who struggle with swallowing their medication.

    Kathy Kathy , Great for Dyspraxia

    Gloup makes such a difference when trying to swallow tablets.

    I have had two Spinal operations that left swallowing tablets a challenge, it took a while to get used to the tablets being coated as I usually move them around my mouth before being able to swallow and then they got stuck in my throat.

    Gloup has made such an amazing difference and it has a nice flavour, I highly recommend it!

    Mother and Son Mother and Son, Highly Recommend

    My Son has autism and dyspraxia, he really struggles with tablets.

    He is 11 years old and is now prescribed with tablets as they are the cheaper option.  We have been using Gloup and it has been great to work with as his tablets slide down with no complaints anymore.  Would highly recommend it.

    Angela Amison Angela Amison, Great Product For All Ages

    This is a great product to aid dementia sufferers to take their medication. If they fail to swallow their tablets it causes great stress and puts them off taking any future tablets. This avoids this and makes the carers life so much easier.

    Also great for swallowing prescription paracetamols which seem so much more difficult to swallow. My mother who is 80, found this no longer a problem when they were taken with Gloup.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Why should I use Gloup and not yogurt?

    Tablets can be swallowed safely and smoothly with Gloup Original. Therefore, tablet crushing or mixing with foods like yogurt is not necessary. It is never advisable to crush medicines or mix with food because this may reduce the effectiveness of the medicine and the chance of side effects may increase. There also might be undesired interaction between several medicines.

        2.  Who Has Tested It?

    Based on the below tests done at the University of Brisbane, we can state that the intake of medication with Gloup is as safe as the intake with water. There are no known interactions between the medication taken and Gloup.


         3.  Where Can I Find More Information?

    You can find more information about Gloup on the website.


         4. Where Can I Buy Gloup From?

    You purchase Gloup on the website or through Amazon. You can also ask your pharmacist.


    Start swallowing medication with ease!

    Only £3 with free shipping, click below to order!

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